Frequently asked questions

Revallen“Who is Reverend Allen Walker?Rev Allen Walker has many years of involvement with the church.  In his studies, Reverend Walker noticed that the word mentioned most was love. This means love of all people regardless of race, religion and sexual orientation. After building a successful Wedding entertainment company, Reverend Walker realized that there is a need for professional  officiant services for weddings.  Knowing that your wedding day requires professionalism, experience and trust with many vendors, Rev Walker stepped up to offer his officiant services as a professional service to all couples.    With Reverend Walker couples are more than just clients. They are a new couple in love  getting ready to start their life as one , filled with sacrifice, forgiveness and selflessness. Reverend Walker built All You Need is Love Wedding Chapel & Officiant Services with a group of ministers that are dedicated to making wedding vows unique for each couple.  Contact us today.

“Will you offer officiant services at my catering hall?”Yes.  We have officiants that you can work with prior to your wedding day and hold services for your ceremony outside, at your venue or at our chapel.

“Do you have the ability to officiate weddings in Ohio?” Yes.  We have the ability to officiate weddings in Ohio ,Kentucky, Indian, Tennessee and many other states and countries around the globe.

Do you have references? Absolutely.  Please feel free to contact us and we will happily supply a list of references.